Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover *Review*

WOW BABY!  Colleen Hoover just spiced things up a bit!  Ugly Love was a very sexy and sensual read.  At times it was also a bit graphic.  Although it’s not my most favorite of Colleen’s books I still rate it 4 stars.  I didn’t get all the feels I usually get in her books
but I still enjoyed it and finished this book in one sitting.  I cried, laughed, and totally fell in love with the sultry main male character, talk about steamy!!  If you’ve read this book and Miles didn’t turn you on, I’d have to say you are crazy, cause mmm gosh darn.  Sorry DJ, I love you, but in terms of fictional characters I think I just found my new fictional boyfriend.  Not only was the male lead totally hot, but I was also captivated by a mysterious back story with hints at serious heart break.  Ugly Love was quite simply about the ugliest parts of love, but being able to accept them and learn to live again, finding happiness and embracing it.  (But with a whole lot of sex thrown in)

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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins *Review*

Cue “La Vie en Rose” preferably by Louis Armstrong as I’m a sucker for his music, but of course with unwavering respect to Edith Piaf.  Pour a glass of your fanciest Pinot Noir, and in the case of those underage some grape juice, and you’re ready to set off on this fun, romantic, YA contemporary set in Paris.  I was immediately welcomed with witty humor and a spunky attitude from the narrator, an authentic feeling of being in France, and relatable topics.  Tell me about completely real American tourist stereotypes that make me think directly of my parents and you’ve got me chuckling up a storm.  “It’s true what they say about white sneakers.  Only American tourists wear them, big ugly things made for mowing grass or painting houses.”  Yes mom and dad I’m looking at you after this quote.  Quite literally they rock those shoes every trip they go on and yup my dad definitely wears them while mowing the lawn.  Stephanie Perkins nailed the bona fide stereotypes of American tourists, how girls act with guys with English accents (um yes please), and everything about Paris.  I was in love from page one.

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The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury *Review*

I love fairy tale retellings. They spin an old classic into something new and exciting all over again.  When I found out that the Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury was a retelling of Aladdin I eagerly awaited being able to scoop it up!  Who doesn’t love a good story about Aladdin and a powerful girl Jinni?! Magic, love, lies, brave heroines, a comedic hero, and greedy villains line the pages of this story.  Through out this book Jessica Khoury took me on a whirl wind magic carpet ride and gave me a fresh new look on the story of Aladdin.

“Even a thief may have honor, and even a Jinni may have a heart”

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