Southernmost by Sarah Sadler *Review*

First off I want to say thank you to Sarah for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, I really enjoyed it so I am so grateful to her!  I want to give this book a solid 4 stars, but it would more accurately be about a 3.75 with the few things I wasn’t a fan of, but on Goodreads I rounded it to a 4 because I believe it deserves it.  This sophomore book by Sarah Sadler set in Charleston, South Carolina following main character Kayla, was such a comfy lazy day read that made me feel like I was sitting in the South along the water right with the characters.  I enjoyed this book immensely and when I wasn’t reading it I often found myself thinking of the characters and wanting to finish their story.  I adored the foodie aspect of this book and I completely drooled over the delicious goodies being cooked up through out Kayla’s journey.  There were a few negative aspects such as small plot lines I didn’t love, but overall I really enjoyed this light contemporary read and more than anything it made me want to move back South, oh how I am missing it!

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Swear on this Life by Renee Carlino *Review*

This is my first book by Renee Carlino and boy oh boy did I eat it right up!  I’ve been so busy during the days lately, but I spent two long nights devouring this book and finished it last night at 1:30 in the morning.  I couldn’t wait to find out what happened and quite frankly I’m still not sure which ending I wanted to get to faster the book itself or the book within the book.  Either you’ve already read this and know what I mean or you need to read it to find out.  This book was a solid 5 stars and made me cry and laugh and made me fall completely in love with love.

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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven *Review*

Having suffered with Depression my entire life, I was excited to pick up a book that faced this illness head on.  It seems odd to want to read about characters going through the same horrible darkness I do all the time, but sometimes its just nice to know you aren’t alone.  I liked being able to relate and understand the feelings of Finch and Violet.  Depression is an illness many people don’t understand or those who have it find hard to put into words. I am genuinely grateful for books and authors like Jennifer who can explain and help people understand a little bit better.  Not everyones experiences or view points on Depression are the same either and while it was nice to be able to relate to these characters there were also many differences in how the illness effects me as opposed to them.  It’s really valuable to be able to understand different situations though and how an illness can effect everyone differently.  The raw reality of Depression and the innocence of high school love and the beauty of real friendship make All the Bright Places one of my favorite reads this year.

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