JORD Watch Fall Fashion and Giveaway!

I may or may not be a watch hoarder.  And my favorite time to wear watches? Fall of course! Breaking out the sweaters, scarves, and boots with a nice watch to add that extra bit to finish your look.  My newest obsession, natural wood watches from JORD! With tons of styles to choose from and different wood patterns there are so many possible favorites for everyone.  Personally my favorite is my new Dover, a unique self winding watch with a skeleton face.  I adore seeing the inner workings of my watch and I am constantly getting compliments when I am out and about.  The wood of my watch goes well with all my neutral sweaters and it’s comfortable, never pinching my wrist or weighing me down!

I am in love and I’m so excited because now I can share the love with you guys!  I have a giveaway going on for a $100 gift certificate to JORD and even if you don’t win you still receive a $25 dollar gift certificate, talk about a win win, click HERE to enter!


My new watch is also engraved!  If you know me at all you know of course it is a bookish quote, straight out of Game of Thrones, “Not Today”.  That quote means so much to me and I like that I have it on my new watch constantly reminding me to never let anything get me down and to keep going strong!  These engravings make for the perfect gift ideas and make these watches way more personal.  I may or may not have to buy one for my hubby who keeps stealing my watch away from me and I can make it personal for him too.  Then he won’t feel too left out.


Again, be sure to enter my giveaway, enter HERE, to get some money off a new watch or a gift for a friend or loved one.  It’s the perfect time to add a little something extra to your Fall fashion or get ready for the Holidays with some amazing gifts!

I’ll just be over here staring at my new watch while you go shopping for your new watch, have fun!

Giveaway ends 10/8, gift codes expire 12/31

Wooden Wrist Watch

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