London, Can You Wait? by Jacquelyn Middleton *Review*

Thank you so much Kirkwall Books and Jacquelyn Middleton for sending me a copy of your books in exchange for an honest review!  Just like the first in the series, LBTM, I rate this second one a solid 4 stars!  Jacquelyn has made me fall in love with a group of characters I would gladly follow anywhere.

Goodreads Synopsis

Alex loves Mark. Mark loves Alex. But is love enough?

Since moving to London from the US, twenty-four-year-old Alex Sinclair seems to have it all: a coveted job writing for the theatre, supportive friends, and the man of her dreams—gorgeous Irish actor, Mark Keegan. But in the year since the acclaimed debut of her play, Alex and Mark’s lives have been turned upside down.

Thanks to his role on a smash-hit British TV show, Mark is catapulted to stardom. Alex couldn’t be happier—until her boyfriend’s popularity and insatiable drive to succeed means they’re apart more than they’re together. Forced to share Mark with showbiz heavy-hitters, intrusive press, and unrelenting fangirls, Alex’s hopes for a stable and committed life with him start to fade. Her struggles with panic attacks, career uncertainty, and Mark’s increasingly worrisome behaviour make her wonder: how much more can she bend before she breaks?

A passionate tale of secrets, loss, and ambition, London, Can You Wait? is the eagerly-awaited sequel to Middleton’s debut novel, London Belongs to Me.

My Experience

I was so happy to be back on the London streets with this amazing group of friends.  Flash forward a year since the previous book left off and their are quite a few differences, but the same lovable faces.  In this story we deal with Mark’s rising fame and the troubles that often come with that, as well as Alex’s lack of confidence and success.  A story that has been told a few times but Jacquelyn’s writing is so fresh and cute that I loved every bit of it.

I love Mark and Alex.  I think they fit together so well and balance each other perfectly.  I was so sad when certain things came to light in this book and I had to keep reading to see how things would end up.  I was in this weird cross of wanting to root for them, but also not root for them, because I couldn’t forgive some of the actions taken by the characters.  I was just so invested in them!  Once again, the side characters also make the book.  I won’t say much as to not give anything away, but one couple in particular I was so happy to see come together as I was calling it from the first book!  I liked the addition of Simon as well and really adored watching him and Freddie grow as a couple.

By the end I was in tears over the dreamy Christmas time event.  Again, no spoilers, but ugh swoon so much!  I love Jacquelyn’s writing, I really get sucked right in.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about this book, but the book was a little slow in the middle for a bit and at times Alex got frustrating to me.  Very minor annoyances in comparison to so many more positives!

These are genuinely perfect reads to snuggle into on a cold weekend.  Cute and addictive books, these characters will remain some of my favorite.  I can’t wait to see what is next for Jacquelyn Middleton, she is a new auto-buy author for me and I am not so secretly hoping for more books with these characters!

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