JORD Watch Fall Fashion and Giveaway!

I may or may not be a watch hoarder.  And my favorite time to wear watches? Fall of course! Breaking out the sweaters, scarves, and boots with a nice watch to add that extra bit to finish your look.  My newest obsession, natural wood watches from JORD! With tons of styles to choose from and different wood patterns there are so many possible favorites for everyone.  Personally my favorite is my new Dover, a unique self winding watch with a skeleton face.  I adore seeing the inner workings of my watch and I am constantly getting compliments when I am out and about.  The wood of my watch goes well with all my neutral sweaters and it’s comfortable, never pinching my wrist or weighing me down!

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Starting on Etsy!

“Hey babe?” – DJ

“Ya?” – Me

“Let’s try and make Dream Catchers this weekend” – DJ

“Ok, I guess why not?” – Me

*Watch a bunch of youtube videos, spend a lot of time at Hobby Lobby and Michaels, start making them, spend a lot of money*

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