A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab *Review*

These books have been on my TBR list for years. I think I bought them four or five years ago? And I finally read the first one this past summer!  Unfortunately I think I’ve finally gotten to them after I’ve grown in a different direction as a reader.  I don’t really enjoy YA so much anymore, but I still liked this book and can see why so many really like Schwab’s writing!

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Scream All Night by Derek Milman *Review*

Thank you so much Harper Collins Teen for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!  For some reason I went into this thinking it would be a haunted house story haha, but alas it was not that.  What it actually was, was a unique coming of age story set in a mansion that’s the production house of horror movies with an assortment of eccentric characters.  It was a lot different from the many coming of age stories I have read and because of that I found it really refreshing even with the typical YA cliches thrown in.  I give this one 3.5 stars!

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My Name is Venus Black by Heather Lloyd *Review*

Thank you so much Penguin Random House for sending me a copy of My Name Is Venus Black in exchange for an honest review.  This debut novel was emotional, full of second chances and forgiveness, I really enjoyed it and gave it four stars!

“The stupidest little thing we do can alter the future for so many people.  That means everything you ever did, you almost didn’t do.”

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Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry *Review+Book Tour*

Thank you so much TLC Book Tours and Harlequin Teen for sending me a copy of Say You’ll Remember Me in exchange for an honest review and for having me on this book tour!

I will say I wasn’t sure about this book at first since it took me a while to really get into it, but by the end I was so invested in these characters that my emotions were all over the place.  I rate this beautifully touching coming of age romance 4 out of 5 stars!

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Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu *Review*

Is that Cinderella’s castle?! Why yes, yes it is.  I recently went on a trip to Disney and the only book I brought along, to be read on the flights only cause um.. Disney World, was Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu the second in the DC Icons series.  I was so excited to get this book when it came out that it was a wonder I waited until my trip to read it.  Batman is my ALL time favorite super hero.  I have always loved the comics, shows, and movies.  I love all the villains and heros that make up the city of Gotham.  That is why it really saddens me to say I was completely underwhelmed by this book and only rate it 3 stars.  Quite honestly I think its only that high just for the sole reason that this is a Batman book and I didn’t have the heart to rate it lower.

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The Cellar by Natasha Preston *review*

I have been on a spooky/creepy read kick this month and I promptly added The Cellar to the list after hearing some good reviews.  The premise is certainly scary, young girls being kidnapped and kept against their will by a psychopath, and while at times the character development seemed to lack a bit, I did enjoy the overall story.  I rated this one 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather *review*

I absolutely loved How to Hang a  Witch and all its witchy goodness.  I wish I could reread it again for my first time and fall in love all over again.  A ghost and witch story that is on the same level of scare factor as Hocus Pocus, but just as wickedly fun.  I cannot wait to go out and grab Adriana’s next book and follow Samantha on her next journey.   4.5 out of 5 stars for me on this one!

“Almost everything worth believing in cannot be seen.  Love, for instance.”

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One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus *Review*

What happens when you love every single character in a book, but one of them could actually be a murderer? You hold on to the edge of your seat until the end just waiting for the bomb to drop!  Entertaining from page one this book pulls you in with lovable characters and a lingering sense of mystery keeping you guessing who exactly is telling the truth and who is lying.  I rated this fun read 4/5 stars!

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Things I’m Seeing Without You by Peter Bognanni *Review*

I rate this young adult story 2 out of 5 stars.  Thank you so much Penguin Teen for sending this book to me in exchange for an honest review.

I was incredibly excited for this book.  As someone who suffers from severe depression I like to read books that focus on mental illness or have story lines relating to it.  I went into this book expecting something completely different from what it ended up being.  Unfortunately, after some thought, I was mostly just disappointed in a book that had great potential.

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All the Dirty Parts by Daniel Handler *Review*

Thank you Bloomsbury Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

I genuinely am unsure what to rate this book, let alone what to think about this book.  I guess I will say 2 stars.

“There are love stories galore, and we all know them. This isn’t that. The story I’m typing is all the dirty parts.”

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